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Locks in Moisture, Seals in Freshness
Twin Cooling Plus™ independent cooling system ensures that the right temperature and humidity level up to 70% is maintained throughout the fridge (compared to 30% in a conventional TMF), so no matter where food is stored it stays fresh.

Great tasting, odour free frozen food
Food odours can change the taste of frozen foods and affect the flavors of finished dishes. Twin Cooling Plus™ is a truly independent cooling system, with separate airflows in both the fridge and freezer. This prevents unpleasant smells from foods moving between the fridge and freezer, ensuring the original flavor of ingredients stored in the freezer remains odourless.

5 possible Conversion Modes for flexible storage
Provides the ultimate in flexible storage. Easily convert your freezer into a fridge to keep all the fresh food you need to store for different seasons or special occasions. Or just switch to off the fridge compartment when leaving home for a long vacation. The five modes are Freezer-Fridge, Energy Saving*, Vacation, Fridge Max and Mini mode.

Creates ice and chills beverages rapidly
Rapidly delivers intense cold air to fast freeze or cool. At the touch of a button, Power Cool quickly chills food and drinks, while Power Freeze is great for freezing or firming up frozen food and making ice.

Easy Access to items at the back
Reaching into a refrigerator often means navigating an obstacle course of items. The Easy Slide shelf lets you efficiently store, organise and access to items at the back easily.

Durability Guaranteed
Backed by a 10-year warranty,* Samsung guarantees the durability of its Digital Inverter Compressor. Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand across 7 levels. It uses less energy, minimizes noise and reduces wear and tear for longer-lasting performance.

Keeps air hygienically clean and fresh
An Anti-Bacteria Protector keeps the fridge clean and hygienic by passing air through an Activated Carbon filter, while the anti-bacterial mesh helps to eliminate bacteria.

Brighter with better power efficiency
High efficiency LED lighting is slimmer, cooler and more power-efficient than conventional lighting. Located on the top and sides, it beautifully and brilliantly illuminates every corner, ensuring better visibility.


  • Twin Cooling Plus™ ensures optimal humidity care
  • Convertible freezer & fridge with 5 conversion modes
  • Power freeze and power chill function

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Samsung (RT53K6257BS) Top Mount Fridge with Twin Cooling Plus

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