Bubble Bra

The Bubble Bra is a magic plastic ball which has been designed specifically to gently take care of your delicate bras. This revolutionary ball contains an exclusive internal mechanism, which keeps the bra motionless and helps protecting the most delicate lingerie in the washing machine without concern. Wash after wash the fabric retains its luster and the bra's cup of origin. Bubble Bra takes great care of your bras, swimsuits and panties; it also saves you the chore of washing by hand, within the quickest time and at the maximum convenience.

- The Bubble Bra is the bra washing solution that makes your washing machine and dryer as safe for your brassieres as hand washing and drying.
- Protects bras from being twisted, squashed, damaged and damaged by your washing machine.
- Plastic duel-shell design safely supports one padded bra up to size C cup, for use in your washer and dryer.
- Fits bras A, B, C and unpadded D cup bras.
- Protect the supporting metal
- Can be used as a suitcase travel bra protector 
- Can be used with all type of bras and bathing suits
- Its two shell design is made of strong smooth plastic that supports the cups to protect them from getting damaged in the washing machine.

Using Instruction:
- Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the ends of the inner eggshell.
- Tuck the straps inside the shell and snap the outer shell around the bra
- Keep your expensive padded bras in perfect shape with the Bubble Bra
- Your bra will be protected from the agitator and from the weight of the other clothes in the Spin Cycle. 
- Keep your expensive padded bras in perfect shape with the Bubble Bra!

Packaging Includes:  
- 1 x Bubble Bra Washer Baby Laundry Aid Saver Ball Washing 

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'Bubble Bra' - Bra Protecting Laundry Ball

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